The Shelf and Backing Out

For those of you that don't like hearing about the effects of pregnancy again and again on this blog, just stop reading for a month. (I don't really mean that-- it's just my way of acknowledging the large quantity of baby blogs lately.) Each day comes with a new adventure and this is my place to record it all and share it with you. So I hope you enjoy! :)

It's time for another story of the experiences of a VERY pregnant girl.

First it should be noted that with only 3 1/2 weeks left to go till my due date, my baby girl has reach the size of a watermelon. A watermelon is inside of me right now! If your jaw didn't drop a little bit, go to your local grocery store and picture that inside of you. Now you can continue reading. :)

#1 The Shelf
*Guys this story isn't really for you, but I'm sure that will make you want to read it more. So don't say I didn't warn you. :)

One night in high school I was out to dinner with my boyfriend. We had gone to a local steak place and had chowed down on tons of free rolls. At the end of that pig out he got this very funny look on his face and then said with a half chuckle: "Umm... you need to... ummm... clear your shelf off." Then he glanced at my chest. My chest that was covered in bread crumbs. Nice one Becky.

So ever since then I refer to that area as "the shelf."

Well eating has become quite an obstacle these days due to the fact that leaning over my plate is impossible. There are two primary reason for this: My tummy is too big to allow me to reach all the way to the table (there are some booths I just can't sit in now) and my tummy is too big to allow me to lean forward. So my mouth can never go over my plate.

With that said, I have spilled A LOT of things on my... ahem... shelf. :)

Shirts can only be worn once, even if it's just been a few hours. Undershirts are the same story since I wear those to attempt modesty and cover up as much of the cleavage as possible.

So this is a heads up to any woman that gets pregnant in the future-- invest in a Tide pen, a good washer and dryer and lots of back up shirts.

#2 Backing Out

You know those times you pull into a parking spot and you are so close to the car next to you that you literally have to squeeze yourself out of your car.

Well being this pregnant you can't really squeeze into anything. Grin.

So there have been many times that Chris will pull into a spot and I open my door and try to exit as usual. Then it happens. I die laughing because I realize I am stuck and I can't squeeze through things like I used to.

So my dear husband has to back the car up, allow me to exit and then re-park.