She's Enough

You all have heard me share over the past 10 months about my journey of leaving my job to pursue ministry. I have shared how I was so blessed and amazed at getting pregnant. But I have also shared how getting pregnant and having a baby now has really made me wonder what my next steps (and current steps) should look like.

A few weeks ago I was rocking Karis and (as usual) I couldn't stop staring at her. I love my times rocking her. Sweet times of praying and singing and dreaming. As I sat there staring at my daughter all I could think of was: She's enough.

I even said it out loud: "Lord, she's enough."

And I meant it. If I never speak again. If everything I write from here on out is only read by me. That's enough.

I still believe the Lord has called me to women's ministry of leading, creating, writing, speaking, etc. So I know in His way and in His time (Isaiah 55:8-9) things will continue to come to fruition.

Just a week after that moment, I started gearing back up to teach my Women's Sunday School class, Oxygen, at Houston's First. Every time I sat down to prep and/or pray, I just had this undeniable sense that I needed to step down from teaching. I tried to ignore it.

Then I tried to justify why that obviously wasn't the Lord. I said things like: "But if I don't teach, who will?" "But if I don't teach, will I ever get the opportunity to teach again?" "But I love those women and will miss them too much." "But I love prepping to teach, I can make the time." "But..." I just continued.

I realized that the selfish thing would be to stay. The selfless thing was to step down.

When I talked to our Women's Minister, Carolyn O'Neal, last weekend about stepping down she gave me the best encouragement. She said: "I have never once regretted a decision to spend more time with my son. You won't regret this either."

So I have officially stepped down from teaching. I haven't stepped down from teaching forever or even teaching at all. But for now, teaching each week is just too much with everything else on my plate.

Speaking of other things on my plate: I will be sharing some fun news about a new ministry for twenty-something women that I am apart of. Ladies, you are going to LOVE it!