She's Not Doing It To Me

You can judge me for this statement I'm about to make, but I'm just being honest.

There are times when Karis is crying and I get upset with her. I don't understand why she is crying like that.

So, I take a deep breath and run through the mental check list:
Diaper? Dry.
Fed? Sufficiently.
Burped? Yes, but let me double check. Ok, for sure.
Temp OK? Yes.

Yet the crying continues.
And sometimes I get frustrated.
And sometimes I get frustrated with her.

And then I tell myself: "She's not doing this to me. She's uncomfortable right now."

I know that sound immature. But I'm just being honest.

Our sweet baby girl, who you all know has been the easiest baby on the planet, has had a really fussy week. Unusually fussy for her. Our pediatrician had us come in yesterday since this is so unusual for her. She said it could be 1 of 3 things: mild case of colic (which peaks at 6 weeks), acid reflux... or just a phase (and no big deal). More than likely it is the later since she doesn't really show the signs of the first two.

I know we are super lucky to have a baby that is content (unless she is super hungry or tired), we've had so many friends with opposite experiences. And now, with only 3 days of fussiness under our belts, I have such compassion for moms that deal with colic or acid reflux babies. You have my respect forever.

Please don't hear this as complaining or me venting.
I'm really fine. And after a long bath and some prayer last night, I'm feeling even better.

Sometimes on blogs all we read about are the glorious moments, then as a Mom you feel like you are alone in the moments of wanting to pull your hair out or cry by yourself. So I wanted to share, that we are not alone. I love my baby. But we also all have our days.