She's really walking!!!

Last night, on August 29, 2011 around 8pm,  Karis became a walker!!!!

She has been taking 2-4 steps for several weeks now and has really good balance standing. So we knew it was just a matter of her choosing to. We were over at the McCord's house and I think seeing her kids walk every where looked good because right in the middle of everyone playing she just starts following Adelaide walking around. And then of course we got her to do it over and over again. Once she reaches her destination she usually lunges at it and falls. But she can go clear across the room, I think one time I counted 18 steps. It was so much fun!
I love that Adelaide was cheering her on in the video, literally with pompoms and all! She is such a sweet friend to Karis. Her momma and I are in the same accountability group, so she gets to play with Karis every week. She truly thinks Karis is her baby doll. Last night at dinner she wanted to sit next to Karis and feed her everything-- tore off pieces of her tortilla, spoon fed her yogurt and even gave her peanut butter on a rice cake for dessert (hooray for knowing we have no peanut allergies now). I love how Karis has so many big sister like friends in her life. 
Thank you Annalee for being on it and thinking to go grab your phone to video the first real steps!