She's ugly, but we love her

So while we are on the cruise I had two dreams that the baby was a girl.

Apparently there is something to the mother's intuition. Actually probably not since until 2 weeks ago I was certain the baby was a boy.

One really stood out though...

So in the dream we were in the hospital and I delivered her and she was... well... ugly. Not just ugly but really ugly, like she looked like an alien.

But I had never been more in love with anything.

Then for the rest of my dream different family and friends came to visit. As soon as one of them walked into the door I'd immediately say: "I know she is ugly, but we sure do love her."

I think this stems from the conversation Chris and I have often about most newborns being not very attractive. Newborns that I have loved even before I saw their face, have always been beautiful to me because I loved them so much.

But, let's be honest, 99% of newborns look awkward. They are squishy, red, blotchy, crusty, etc.

The other 1% of newborns are newborns like my niece Emery. It had nothing to do with how much I loved her, she really was a ridiculously beautiful newborn. The nurses couldn't get past it.

Admit it, you agree with our theory.

I know I'll love Karis, regardless of what she looks like and to me she will be the most beautiful thing ever.