Actually the proper word is "Valediction," but who would've ever known that. And if you did, don't ever admit it. Continue dominating the crossword puzzles though. :)

Last night we were talking with our small groups about email signatures/sign offs (we were obviously staying really focused during our Love & Respect conversation). But it got Chris and I talking and laughing last night as we couldn't fall asleep.

He was talking about all the ways that people sign off in Corporate America: "Bests," "Regards," and so on.

Then I started laughing because I can remember how weird of a transition moving from the PR world to the church world was just in how people communicate via email. Just like business people have their own professional way of signing off, ministry people take it to a whole new level (and also Christians with their personal email). Instead of the standard sign off we'd find in our MLA Handbook, we enter into a testifying moment of our Christian faith. Things like this: "In His hands," "Grace & Peace," "In His Service," "To His glory," and so on.

It makes me laugh. It especially makes me laugh when the email is really random or even at times rude, but it's already been set in their account settings to close out that way.

Chris, who is cursed and blessed with utter honesty chooses to sign his email with just Chris. He could care less about being professional for profession sake. With him it's what you see is what you get. With no apologies (unless his honesty hurts you). And I adore that about him.

So last night he said, "Wouldn't it be refreshing if one day someone just signed theirs 'Typing, Chris?' That would be awesome!"