Sneak Peak at Karis' Nursery

I am still figuring out how to use our fancy new camera, so I apologize that the lighting doesn't quite capture the preciousness that is the start of Karis' room.

Last week being sick on the couch all week gave me lots of time to really brainstorm how I wanted her room to look. And this past weekend I hit a full on nesting craze! Now it's like I need it done... like yesterday. :)

It is still most definitely a work in progress, but we have officially started the progress.

This is our rocking area. Right now it is also my "time with the Lord" area. I love opening the blinds and letting the natural light flow in. What you can't see due to the lighting is the pattern on the chair- the fabric has a vintage-y swirl pattern in it. This chair is so comfortable it might change your life. It is the wonder chair, it can sway, swivel, rock and fully recline. And you just melt right into it. I won't have a problem sleeping in there during those late nursing nights. The chair was a gift from Mimi and Pops (my mom and step-dad).

The corner (where the mattress is) is where the crib will go. We ordered our furniture really early and it's a good thing we did. Everything was supposed to arrive at 20 weeks, but the crib ended up getting stalled at the manufactures but should arrive next week (when I'm 30 weeks). And the bedding arrives next Tuesday, so I will post it all when we get it put together. The crib was a gift from Grammy and Grampy (Chris' mom and step-dad).

We went to Hobby Lobby and they were having 50% off wall decorations, accents and 30% off furniture. We found this sweet mini bookshelf that is distressed avacado green. We have plans to fill it up with books. Also, I've registered for this chair in green from Pottery Barn Kids and we'll put that next to it. So that will be Karis' little reading nook.

Here is the dresser. We will put the changing pad on top of it (where there is a blank space). I'm planning on hanging a mirror above the changing pad too. The glass bowl that is next to the teal lamp will be the home of Karis' fish. Chris absolutely hates this antique bird cage to the left of the dresser, but I had to have it. Thanks to Gigi and GPa for the dresser!

I had to change out the nobs on the dresser, so praise God that Hobby Lobby had that massive sale because I was able to get all these nobs for 50% off.

I'm still debating on whether or not to paint. I know it will look so much better if I do, especially since the furniture is almost the same color as our walls. But we are hoping to move next year, so I hate to paint. If I do, I will probably do just an accent wall where the dresser is in some shade of green. On the wall over the reading nook I want to make some large frames with her name in them with the meaning of her name (not sure what that will look like exactly yet). Also, above her crib, I am thinking I will put this mobile from Pottery Barn Kids. And finally we want a rug in there, but for now, we can't agree on one that we just love.

So as you can see there is still much more to do, but we are off to a great start. We go in her room all the time now and just sit and look at it all. It's hard to believe that she will be in there in just 11 weeks! We are so excited and ready to have her in our arms!!