Sneak Peak of Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday I met my girlfriends at the Pumpkin Patch. It was a much needed break outdoors as our little girl had been having a rough night (lots of crying all night and morning). She was a doll while we were there and even fell asleep in mama's arms! So sweet.

She didn't break out the smile while we were there.
But can you blame her?
Her mom had the audacity to smoosh her up between some cold, giant vegetables (or are they a fruit?).

I couldn't love that dramatic pout and expressive eyebrows any more! Ugh, just adorable. I laugh often during the day because of all of her many facial expressions.

for treating all of our kids to a mini photo shoot.

Y'all if you haven't already, check out her new website and, of course, her blog:

Need I remind you that her prices are only $100 for a photo session with a CD of edited pictures. The deal is unreal. You don't have to have kids to use her. She does everything.

And to order your Christmas cards (or any other cards), you have to check out Little Bears Designs (more on that coming soon)!

Also, these are some of my best friends and Karis' future BFFs and crushes, please look at these sweet faces HERE.