So much for manners!

This past weekend during our trip to Galveston I had to pull over at a Walgreens to go to the bathroom.

Don't worry this isn't a blog that is TMI. I know, shocker.

The Walgreens had one of those bathrooms with only one stall in it, but still an open hand washing area where you wait in line. When I walked into the restroom there was a family of three girls (ages 5-13) and a mom already ahead of me.

I contemplated getting Chris and having him guard the men's restroom. But that is just gross. But it was that necessary that I go. That I go RIGHT THEN. Even though Karis hasn't dropped yet, she's still a big and the moment I feel like I need to go, I need to go. Waiting is pure torture.

Well these girls and their Mom were taking their sweet time and talking to each other through the stall as each took their turn. I am trying to be patient but am having to practice my breathing to handling the pain that my bladder is experiencing.

So the two oldest girls went and then it was the little girls turn.

That's when the sweetest gesture happened.

She turned to me and said, "You can go before me."

I thought I might cry right then (both from the sweetness of her gesture and the pain in my bladder). That sweet 5 year old had been staring at my belly since we arrived. And she considered my situation and wanted me to go before her.

But then it happened.

A moment I still have to lift my jaw off the ground when I think about it.

The mom said to her: "You are so kind, I'm going to buy you an ice cream cone because you were so selfless."

Just kidding.

The mom (really) said to her: "No go on." (as she shoves her daughter into the stall, no exaggeration), "I'm tired of waiting in here!" Then proceeded to ignore the situation and that I was standing there.


I was saddened so much in that moment. Not because I didn't get to go to the bathroom then (while that hurt too). But because that Mom just stole some of that little girl's innocence all because she wanted to get out of there.

Don't get me wrong. I know in a few years I'm going to understand the woes of being a mom and wanting to shuffle all the kids out of a public restroom. Which is why I would've told her to go ahead in front of me if the mom had given me the chance.

But I was sad for the little girl and the lesson she learned from her mom that day.

P.S. My due date is in 3 days. How crazy is that?