So what's the news?!

So many have already emailed, called and texted dying to know what could be so exciting. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, I mentioned some "really fun news (not baby related)" HERE.)

Let me preface this all by saying: this is WAY more exciting for me than it will be for any of you.
If you know me and love me, you might squeal out loud at the end of this in rejoicing with me.
If you don't know me, then at the very least you will laugh at me at the end of this.
Either way, I promise a smile. This ends well for all of us.

OK, are you ready for this?

I am on Twitter. You can follow me or just check out my Twitter page HERE. (If you don't know what Twitter is, basically it's like Facebook but all you do is write and read status updates.)

One of the fun things about Twitter is that you can follow anyone that is on there (unlike Facebook where they have to accept your friend request).

When I first started on Twitter I started following every celebrity that I was intrigued by. I thought it was so cool that I could follow their life.

Now I'm a much more mature and spiritual (please read sarcastically) Tweeter. I stopped following most all of the celebrities and decided to only follow people I actual know OR people that inspire me.

I kept one celebrity. Any guesses? Go on, guess. It's just more fun.

If you guessed Dog the Bounty Hunter, you were right. For those that know me, you know that I love Dog. (Do you remember this dream I had back in January about him?)

With all that context, now you can fully rejoice with me in what I am about to share.

Are you ready for the fun news?

On Saturday, Dog tweeted: "Becky Aloha Love Dog & Beth."

To which I re-tweeted (when you post what someone said and add to it): "Could this be a direct message?! I could only hope. ;)" Of course I was totally joking. Of course I knew Dog was not talking to me.

Within minutes guess what happened? GUESS!!!

I got a direct message (like a personal email/text) from Dog the Bounty Hunter that said: "Yo Becky looking for Becky Robbins but I am better now found YOU! God Bless."

Can you believe it?!!!!!
We were in the middle of Babies R Us and I was squealing.
Chris was mortified. My husband is the most stable man I know.

So I thought who can I call that would totally appreciate this moment with me? Of course I called my brother since he got me hooked to Dog. Here's how that call went:

Me: Nils guess what? The Most exciting thing happened!!!!
Nils: Wha.... (phone lost connection)
Me: (looking at Chris) His phone just disconnected
Chris: (looking shocked) Becky you can't start conversations like that when everyone we know is waiting to get a call from you that you are in labor.
Me: Oh no! (quickly call him back)
Nils: What? What happened?
Me: I'm not in labor, I just had some other fun news!
Nils: Oh my goodness I was freaking out! I was about to grab our bags and get in the car. (side note- our entire family has had their bags packed for a couple of weeks now).
Me: Nils, guess who just directed messaged me on Twitter?
Nils: Who?

Nils responded just as I had hoped he would. It was a moment of pure joy.

Is it sad that I was more excited about this Tweet from Dog than I was when I received a direct message from Louie Giglio, one of my heroes in the faith?!

Seriously, my cheeks hurt at the end of the day because I couldn't stop smiling. Oh pure bliss.

So who would you freak out about
if you got a direct message/email/text/etc. from that person today?
Oh I'd so love to hear!