Some Mom Moments

Since it's Friday and a LONG weekend, I thought I'd share some Mom Moments...

1. On Tuesday, I had my first day running errands with Karis. I got myself ready, got her ready, got packed up, got every where on time... I got everything done except one thing.

Curious what that one thing is?
I forgot to brush my teeth.
So gross.

You can count on me to always have gum packed in the diaper bag from here on out.

2. We have been pretty spoiled by Karis. She has been a pretty easy baby-- hardly ever fusses (unless its time to eat NOW or she's so tired and just can't fall asleep).

However on Wednesday night (really early Thursday) she just could not soothe herself and I couldn't do anything to soothe her either. She was dry, full, swaddled, pacifier in mouth... but so fussy.

So at 2:00 in the morning we both just sat on the couch and sobbed.

3. On Thursday, I was making my cereal. I poured my Raisin Bran in the bowl. Poured my milk over the cereal. Pulled out my cup for my OJ. Then I poured my OJ all over my cereal.

I didn't realize what I was doing till it was totally full and I realized that I had already put milk in my cereal and OJ goes in a glass.

Lots of laughing at myself, lots of allowing myself to cry, lots of staring at this sweet miracle and even more prayer are a mother's way to sanity I am convinced.

Have a fabulous weekend friends!