Some of the best advice I've ever heard

At our women's retreat last month I was given some of the best spiritual, life-changing advice I've ever heard. If you are a snoozer like me, this will benefit you greatly.

I am a night person-- I am in NO WAY a morning person. It doesn't matter what time I wake up or how long I slept I have a really hard time getting up. Since I got married this has really been a problem. My time with the Lord used to be very sporadic, consistent but random. Some days I'd spend time in the morning, others at lunch others throughout the night. Since I got married, that freedom in my schedule has changed. I've struggled so much with finding that time alone with the Lord. I'm a people person, so if someone is around I want and feel like I should be with them. But I've learned that time with the Lord in the morning is really the best time for this stage in my/our life.

Kelly Matte, my pastor's wife, spoke one morning at the retreat and said that what she does in the mornings is as soon as her alarm goes off she falls straight to her knees and prays. Some times it is a long prayer and some times it is short-- but it is always a prayer of surrender.

So, I've been trying that and ladies I'VE BEEN CURED. My snooze button has only been hit about three times since then! My focus and pursuit of the Lord has never been so intense.

Another great tip I've also thrown in there most days has come from a woman I also look up to a whole bunch, Tammie Head. She said she started drinking coffee just to stay up. So I've sacrificed my utter hatred of coffee and fear of yellow teeth to help ease the pain of the early hours.

What are some tips you have to wake up?