Some things should remain a mystery...

*NOTE: This blog really isn't for the guys... especially Dad, Nils and Papaw. If you've ever been warned not to continue reading, this is the blog.

OK, ladies, I just had to share this with y'all. It was just too funny not to share. It is definitely T.M.I., but you should know by now that I don't really think any topic is too much information (excluding things said to me in confidence).

So yesterday when I was at the doctor I was having "The Exam."
(Boys, if you weren't listening to my previous tip to stop reading, if you continue you will not be able to think straight for the rest of the day.)

Back to the exam...

So it's like any annual exam just a little... how do I say this... more. Grin.
(Side note: If you are a lady who is over 18 and have never had The Annual Exam, slap yourself on the wrist and email me and I will give you every reason why you need to start. Even if you are a virgin and sex isn't any where in your foreseeable future, you still need to go. Exiting soapbox now.)

The OB has to check to see how much I've dilated and effaced and dropped and such. The way they do that is to do the manual exam... with their fingers. After The Exam he started talking about how I've dilated and how he can feel the baby's head and so on.

A few minutes later it hit me.

Wait, he felt her head. He felt her head and all he had was his finger in me.

But the tip at this stage is: "The best way to get the baby out is to do what you did to get the baby in." Plus, after you have a baby it will be 6 weeks without any of that kind of activity (that is more of a concern for me).

I had always heard, probably through TV and movies, that sex wouldn't ever effect the baby. Meaning nothing... ahem... would ever touch the baby.

Have I totally grossed you all out now? I'm so sorry.

So I decide to ask my doctor: "If you can reach her head with just your fingers how does sex not affect her."

Doc: (Leans against the counter with his arms crossed and gets a really funny look on his face) "Well let's just say... all the things I know about the vagina should remain a mystery to you." (insert a little chuckle here). "You have to remember, I'm not just about a happy baby... (turns to Chris) I'm also about happy marriages."

So there you have it. I just love my doctor.

Cindy Rabe, if you are reading this, I so wish I could see the shade of red of your face right now.