Something is About to Change (Part 1)

This is going to have to be a 3 part post. There is just no way I can squeeze all that needs and should be said into one post. 

If you’ve followed this blog the past few years you could probably string this together faster than I have because you haven’t been caught up in the daily moments, you’ve seen the overall stirrings of God in our lives. 

The past few years has been a calling that our lives would change some more some how. We’ve sensed God was asking something different of us. Not better, never read any of this as better. Just different. This is our journey. We each have our own journey.

2 1/2 years ago I quit my job to pursue, what we believed to be a call into full time ministry, but we honestly had no clue specifically why I needed to quit then. We just knew God had said it was time to go because He made it abundantly clear again... and again... and again. Turns out that call to full time ministry did open up more doors for ministry, but more than anything it gave me the greatest ministry I will ever know: my daughter. I got pregnant literally the week after I quit my job. There’s so much more to that story, but there isn’t time today. 

Just a few months after Karis was born we still felt the Lord urging us towards something more, something different. That’s when the Lord lead us into Apartment Life Ministries. We’ve grown so much as a family through this time. Our marriage has never been challenged more, but it’s also never been stronger. We are learning to love people intentionally together, as a family, and that is just the sweetest thing. 

HOWEVER, even still we have felt that the Lord continues to want more and different from us. We’ve kept praying and seeking what that could mean. We knew it involved ways of serving as a family and we knew it meant we stayed here. We just didn’t know what that looked like. 

But last week the answer was clear and we know for certain what we need to say goodbye to and what we will be saying hello to. 

Check back in Friday for Part 2: A Hard Goodbye
Check back in Saturday for Part 3: An Expectant Hello.