I am a Soy Milk Aggie

So they call people who are Aggies but don't really get into the cult... I mean team spirit: two percenters.

I, my friends, am not a two percenter, I am a soy milk Aggie.

When I went to aTm, I was not into the Aggie Spirit thing. Don't get me wrong I LOVED going there and was very involved, just not with sports.

So I felt like I didn't even deserve the title 2%er, I was totally Soy Milk.

To prove my case I will present a recent story:

My husband was REALLY excited about Texas A&M and Purdue playing today. So after we made plans to watch the game with some of our Aggie friends I said, "But what do I have that is Purdue-ish that will fit?"

Can I just say that I made my husbands day!

In that moment I totally forgot that, like my friends, I too was an Aggie.

That my friends is why I don't even deserve the title two percenter, I am totally Soy Milk.