A Special Find

Yesterday I was reading through Matthew and found the most special treasure in the column of my Bible. Next to the story in Matthew 17:14-23 was the sweetest reminder of the Lord's grace in my life.

The story is about a father who had brought his sick/demon-possessed son to the disciples but they couldn't heal him. The father then brought the boy to Jesus and Jesus healed him immediately. The disciples couldn't understand how this happened. Jesus responded:

"Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

In the column I noticed that I had written something and this is what it said:

"November 25, 2009: Today I begged of the Lord for physical healing of my health issues and that He would give me a baby."

When I saw that yesterday I just stopped. I couldn't believe it. Honestly I had forgotten all about that moment. I added a new note next to it:

"Little did I know I had conceived the day before-- Karis Jannette Kiser due August 14, 2010."

I remember that day. I had spent the morning on the porch of our cabin in Gruene and as I stopped on this part of scripture I began to beg the Lord to heal my body and to allow me to conceive a baby-- that He would receive glory from what shouldn't happen (medically speaking). We prayed for a miracle.

Between hormones and some other things going on, this past week has been really difficult. But the Lord just reminded me of His grace in my life. It because of this that we've named our daughter Karis (the greek word for grace). I needed a fresh reminder of how faithful He is.

PLEASE SHARE: In what way have you seen the Lord blowing you away in your life lately? Let's encourage one another and share what has been going on!

I feel like I should also state that I know too many people that have things in their life where they are wondering when the Lord would come through for them-- when will they get pregnant, find a spouse, get a job, get out of debt, find healing... the list goes on and on. The Lord doesn't ever promise us that we will get all that we want out of life. His Word does say that "He works all things together for good." Sometimes our good isn't getting what we want. I hate that truth as much as you some days. I would encourage you to keep praying and asking the Lord to bring into your life what you so greatly long for, don't give up unless He stops you.