Staff Christmas Party

Yesterday we had our staff Christmas party.

At 10:45 they called us all outside to have our tradition staff picture. If you have a magnifying glass, I'm the one in the black shirt. Good luck finding me. :) They haven't posted any of the silly pictures yet. Every year Pastor Gregg body surfs and it is hilarious! This year they almost surfed him right off the top (meaning almost fell off the back).

After that we all headed over to the new 300 Club (I think that's it's name) off Bunkerhill. When they first told us we were going to have upscale bowling and food but told us that we'd be going to the bowling place off Bunkerhill, I was baffled. I had been there not but 6 months ago and it was the typical old 80s lanes-- trashy, but full of old memories. Any hoo, these lanes truly were upscale. I didn't even know bowling could be so fancy!

We had a blast too! They put us in teams of people we don't usually work with. I loved this idea! Being on a staff with over 100 people, it is hard to know everyone's name, much less their lives. So it was great to hang out with new people. The first game was traditional bowling and then the second was wacky bowling. I so wish I had pictures of this!!! Seriously y'all, we did things like lay on our tummy and push the ball, cover your eyes bowling, backwards granny style, and so many others! I love seeing all the staff, at every level and every department come together as one.

I know so many people see their jobs as a 9 - 5, but I am so thankful to work at a place that is so much more than that. We really are a community, a family.