Summer Bucket List

We live in such a cool city. There are SO many things to do. I finally had to just say enough and stop adding to this list. Personally, I have a whole new wave of excitement for experiencing my family in our home and our city this year. I’ve lived here my whole life, and so many of these things I didn’t even know about. And so many other ideas, as a mom, I’ve never even considered. So excited to share this list with you! Last summer I did one of my favorite things I’ve done as a mom…I made a summer bucket list.

summer bucket list


It seems like such a small thing to be one of my favorite things as a mom. I am the worst at being too busy – constantly doing a billion things at once…and with my kids in tow. I fight hard to treasure and soak in the moments that matter. The swing set giggles. The sweetness of the giant tears strolling down their cheeks. The 8,449th time of viewing Frozen and the joy it still brings. Their profiles that literally take my breath away. The fascination of clouds and the shapes they bring. Dancing in the rain. I turn my head for a second, and I’ve missed it.

It’s passing. So quickly. Too quickly. Just like all those moms said it would.

Making a bucket list last summer helped us to notice each day. Our days weren’t about the To Do lists. We simply enjoyed our summer and really enjoyed one another. And even though it’s not even June, I’m itching to write up a new list on the family chalkboard.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s pretty thorough. {I’ve asked every mom I could contact for feedback, and so many of you have given feedback on the Houston Moms Blog Facebook Page too!}  So without further adieu, here it is…

Click here for the full list

with links and a printable!