Summer Lovin'

I went to the first part of the Summer Lovin' series at our church today and was BLOWN AWAY. Ladies, if there is any possible way you can make it, I really encourage you to come!

Today one of my favorite people spoke-- Leigh Kohler. Leigh has been like a big sister for me the past few years. Chris and I have been so thankful that we snuck into their lives through the cover of babysitting. Since then she has been someone that I treasure every conversation with. Leigh is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. She is the kind of woman you can go shopping with, sit down and talk about everything and nothing with over a good cup of coffee... but she is also the kind of woman that every time you leave her presence you want to know God more... like she does.

With that said, I wanted to share my notes from today's lesson:

"Lovin' Your Family" by Leigh Kohler:

*WARNING: I am including all of my notes, so this might be lengthy, but (I promise) totally worth your time.

-It can be easy to loose our purpose in the mundane--> Ask God to show you what your role is in your world. God sees your world! He wants to use your influence with the people in your life.
-Prov 14:1 says "the wisest of women builds her house." Proverbs also says the foolish woman does what makes her feel good now. While the wise woman knows there's a way to do things (God's way). Which way are you building your house?

1. We have to have a correct definition of love

-We have to be careful that love doesn't mean happiness. Our chief aim for ourselves and in raising our children cannot be happiness... we all know that happiness is fleeting. Your kids will be ruined if they get used to concept of other people are there just to make them happy.
-The greatest way we can love our kids is to make Christ paramount.
-It all comes down to what you value, what your kids (and others) see you value. --> What would others say you value?
-It's not that when you love Christ, you love your families less. In fact, by loving Christ you love your families more.
-Leigh's philosophy: "I just want my kids to obey God. It doesn't matter what they do or achieve or become."

2. Be women who walk by faith and not fear

-Advice Leigh received one time: "Fear is a terrible motivator. Don't let your children learn how to fear from you, they'll pick it up. Instead, teach your children to walk by faith."
-Choose to be a rock. Choose to be firm.
-Leigh's mom used to always say about hard situations: "I'm not worried because this is how I see God in this..." Choose to see God's hand in the potentially fearful situations.
-Know that when you pray and hope your child to be a courageous person of faith like Daniel or David, they will have to go through hard circumstances to get them there, just like those men did. Allow them to face those obstacles.
-One of the things we fear most: what others think
-Encourage your family: when you hear the voice of God, obey it! Live that out before them.

3. Requires us to Walk in the Spirit

-It gets really easy to just be good, that's our comfort zone. That's a dangerous place to be, living out of what your flesh can do. Instead, stay spiritually alive-- involve your family in what God is doing around you.
-Ephesians 5:16-20- "Don't be controlled by wine but by the Spirit." The same affects that alcohol can have on the body we are to allow the Spirit to have within us. You will know you are living a Spirit controlled life when you begin to lose your inhibitions.
-Romans 8:5- "For those who walk according to the flesh, set their minds on the flesh." As women we can create bad circumstances before they've even happened! Stop pre-meditating someone offending you. That's the enemy bring division.

Again, please check out the next two session of Summer Lovin' at Houston's First. On June 15th Lisa Taylor will be speaking on "Lovin' Your Life" and on June 22nd Ashley Brown will be speaking on "Lovin' Your God." Each of these 3 women totally embody and fully walk out what they will be speaking on. Don't miss out!