Supporting Dress Up

So last night Chris and I were watching one of my favorite shows, Super Nanny. Well one of the little boys in the family likes to dress up in his sister and mom's clothes for dress up. But the dad always freaked out about it. So then the little boy started hiding in his mom's closet to dress up so his dad wouldn't see him. Super Nanny said that it is completely normal for kids to try on clothes and dress up as the opposite gender. It doesn't mean anything. Basically, she told the dad to stop freaking and out and just let his son be a kid.

Well today at Day Camp there is this little boy that raided our lost and found. He is wearing a straw hula skirt, a princess tiarra, clip on earrings, and butterfly sunglasses.

Talk about being tested with what I had learned the night before!!!

By the way, Day Camp is really going good. The best counselors EVER work here. Yesterday they lead the kids in one song at the end of Pep Rally (our chapel) and it was the coolest thing to see. The counselors love Jesus and these kids. And the kids adore them... and so do I! :)