Surprise Party for Karis

Since yesterday was 3 months till our baby girl gets here, we were going to have a fun date night to celebrate. But this week at work Chris is not just doing his job but the job of 2 other people, plus they are doing some program testing (this is the best I understand the I.T. Analyst language, I could be totally off). Regardless, the poor guy was working (at least from home) till about midnight.

But as soon as he was done he came in our room- where I had crashed an hour before- and woke me up and asked me to follow him.

He lead me into Karis' room where he had laid out a blanket and pillows, had two champagne glasses filled with tea, and had a bedtime book that Karis' Great Aunt Jane bought her.

He said that he was so disappointed and sorry that we missed celebrating earlier, but that it wasn't too late to celebrate now. I just love him. There is no other man on the face of the planet like Chris and I couldn't be more thankful to be his wife.

So he raised the champagne glass and we toasted our baby girl (for whatever reason, toasting is my favorite). Then he wanted us to share the 3 favorite things we can't wait to experience with Karis (note: both of us went over that limit).

The best part was the entire time that we were sharing Karis was kicking like cRaZy! So Chris was able to feel how strong her kicks have gotten. We both couldn't stop laughing with joy.

Then he had me lay down and was rubbing my belly and read Karis her first bedtime story. It was so funny because as soon as he started reading she stopped kicking. I bet her dad is really hoping maybe she has some of his obedience and routine genes (let's all hope so).

Then Chris prayed for her. It was such a sweet time of prayer. One of the parts that had me all choked up was hearing him pray for her future spouse and praying for his parents. I was overwhelmed with gratefulness that we get to really raise this little girl up. One of my other favorite things that he prayed was that she wouldn't know a perfect life, but that she would grow closer to the Lord through trials as well as the good times. I don't think any parent really wants to see their child struggle through things. But I think we can all agree that it is the hard times in our life that made us who we are (and Biblically speaking, that theory is backed up).

Karis, I am so excited that you will be here in less than 3 months! We can't wait to see what your little face looks like, to play with your fingers and toes, to stay up late with you while you scream (this sounds sweet now), to change a million diapers a day,... I even can't wait to fight with you when you are teenager. I have dreams that we will be different. That we will be close and have mature discussions. That we will laugh more than we cry.

There are days now where I wonder why the Lord lead me to leave my job in November to pursue women's ministry. But lately I feel like the first person I'm called to minister to is you. I love that. I love that my women's ministry is starting at home, with you baby girl.