Surprise Shower! And other gifts!

Today I went to my Precepts Bible Study class like I usually do on Tuesdays. What was different was I totally went grunge because I was planning on going walking with my girlfriend, Erin, after wards. Well turns out I shouldn't have pressed snooze all those times this morning and I should've gotten up and taken a shower. Because after Bible Study was done...


They always have a big luncheon at the end of each semester and this time was no different. So I headed down the hall to the other room. Well I opened the door and the room was decorated in all pink and the ladies screamed: "Surprise! We are having a shower for you!" I couldn't believe it! They had decorated everything! There were flowers and presents galore! It was amazing.

I immediately called Chris to tell him the fun news. Then quickly said: "You could've given me a heads up!" (The ladies made sure he knew so I was definitely there.) What was funny is he reminded me that he had given me a heads up. This morning while he was getting ready he was saying weird things like: "I'm going to dress up fancy today... I'm going to dress to impress... Ryan Craig always says... I'm going to dress to impress..." I had thought it was funny that he was talking like that this morning, but (obviously) thought nothing of it. He had even added: "You should dress to impress too!" Oh if only I had taken that advice.

It was such a special surprise! They overwhelmed me with their generosity and thoughtfulness. Karis is so loved... and spoiled!

Speaking of spoiled, here are some other goodies she's gotten recently:

Aunt Hannah (she isn't blood, but she is my little sis and that makes her an Aunt) got Karis this bow from Etsy:

And these headbands were a gift from Grammy (Chris' Mom, Tammy):

We ordered these from Simply Shic Bowtique on Etsy. The fabric is the kind that doesn't leave indentions on a baby's head or hurt them in any way (doesn't mean they might not pull it off though)! :) Plus, you can clip on regular bows on to the ribbon part. Yes please.