A taste of fall

My entire life fall has been finally reaching the low 90s. It means the first cold front is really just slightly cool. It means rain… lots of rain. It means the leaves stay on the tree and then come winter they fall off the tree (I don’t think they change color in the south). It means still wearing tank tops. It means Halloween… oh I mean fall festival… outfits don’t stay on long because they are too hot. It means the a/c bill is still high. It means lots of over cast days.

But for this one weekend… I believe the Lord has looked upon me and Chris and decided to have favor on us. We are going to West Lafayette to see all of Chris’ old Purdue college friends and old church friends. They are being so kind and throwing us a shower! I haven’t met any of them yet and I am just bursting with excitement to get to finally see them in person!

One thing that is so fabulous about the weekend is the forcast…

Houston- High 91/Low 69 mostly sunny
Purdue- High 76/Low 48 sunny

Houston- H 91/ L 70 Isolated Thunderstorms
Purdue- H 78 / L 53 Mostly Sunny

Houston- H 91 / L 70 Isolated Thunderstorms
Purdue- H 81 / L 55 Partly Cloudy

Go ahead and be jealous. I’m sure the Lord will understand. Just to taunt you more, here is a picture. I’m sure it won’t look like this yet, but a girl can hope…