Teaching her to fall

As any of you know that have been around kids, you learn to see God differently by loving them.

Last night at small groups we were talking about this very thing and I knew it was time to finally post this (seriously been a draft for a few weeks).

Many of you know that Karis has been crawling for about a month and a half now and has been pulling up and walking (while holding on to things) for a few weeks. But with all that comes the inevitable-- lots of falling.

I told Chris the other day that I think my primary job lately has been to teach Karis to fall.

To teach her it doesn't hurt as bad as she thinks.

To to give her lots of lovin' and show her how to deal with it when it hurts just as bad as she thinks. 

To allow her to bonk her head over and over again so she can learn the corners are not her friend. 

To leap across the room if needed to catch her if it is going to be too big of a fall. Because some falls she just isn't ready for. 

Well all of this has made me see God's love in a whole knew way. Because doesn't He do the same thing?

There are some times life is hard and He has a, typically frustrating but always right, way of showing me: "Becky it just isn't that bad."

But on those days when it truly hurts as bad as it is, He loves me, He comforts me and He distracts me with other things.

I feel like there are things in my life I tend to do over and over and over and over and over and over... and well you get the point... over again. But out of His great love for me, He allows it. He allows it because He knows I really can handle it. I really can do it. He is making me stronger.

And the one that makes me want to sob like a baby is thinking about how many times I didn't even know it but he lept to my rescue. That He saw me and said, "Not this time baby, I got you this time. You aren't ready for that kind of pain." That makes me want to sob. He loves us that much.

So what about you...
In your experience with kids (whether its from babysitting, teaching, volunteering or parenting), what have you learned about God from being around kids?