THANK YOU Aunt Katie, Uncle Nils & Emery

One of the things that we are SOOOO excited about is that my sweet niece, Emery, was born last July-- which means Emery and Karis will be only a year apart! I have lots of dreams of them being super close, like sisters.

The cherry on top is that this means that any hand-me-downs that they are willing to pass along will fit Karis perfectly because they will always be the right size for the right season. Plus, Aunt Katie has fabulous taste, so I knew I would like anything that came my way!

Turns out they are more than willing to pass things a long. My mom and I have a tradition of laying everything out after a shopping spree, so that is what we did when she brought me FOUR BAGS of clothes from Aunt Katie, Uncle Nils and Emery!

Newborn and 0-3 months:

3 months:

3-6 months:

And as Emery continues to out grown things, we will continue to get trash bags! My husband was so excited to see how much money we saved. Plus, they are letting us use their car seat and snap-n-go stroller!

And MiMi (my mom) surprised us with a real special treat: my coming home outfit! My parents were really young and even more poor when I was born. My mom said this was the most expensive garment she had yet to purchase (if only she knew she shouldn't have started me off with high quality garments... it wouldn't end well for her). The funny part of the story is that I had my first blow out diaper and wasn't even able to wear it home. Hopefully Karis will either be able to wear it home or wear it when we dedicate her. Isn't it so sweet?!!

Ahhhh!!!! This is getting more real every day. I cannot wait to see my sweet girl's face in just 4 more months!!!

P.S. Karis says that she is not above hand-me-downs, so if you feel the need to empty your closet of clothes or anything else, she would be honored to receive them. (Is that tacky to say?)