Thank you Mr. Government... I mean Obama

As an Exxon wife and granddaughter (by marriage), I would like to thank Senator Obama for his FREE promotion of ExxonMobil. Given that our finances largely depend on that income, I want to thank him for promoting the business. You can't buy that kind of advertising. The fact that there are no commercials during the debate makes a name mention (good or bad) great PR. So thank you for the 8 commercials for ExxonMobil-- I believe they are the only corporation that was promoted.

For all my friends that read: if you have questions about ExxonMobil and what all is going on, email me and I'll forward it to Chris. Since Chris is inside the company he hears their rebuttles to the attacks made. I have to tell you that even I, world's biggest skeptic, really respects the way ExxonMobil goes about doing business. Knowing the commitment that Chris' grandfather also has to the business is further proof in my eyes that this company is reputable. Maybe what we need for this country is some of the ExxonMobil leaders to run for office. They seem to be pretty good at figuring out how to help people, get things done, take care of their people and still turn a profit. Take notes D.C.