Thankful no.1 My Little Girl's Personality

Truly 14 months is my favorite. I am having such a blast with Karis right now.

No I don't love the tantrums. No I don't love when she tells me "na-na" back. No I don't love having to tell her no about the same things a 100 times a day. But she is 14 months old (all is to be expected). What I do love about it though is that she knows what she wants... and what she doesn't want. Yes, she is not mature enough to control her emotions completely yet (hence the melt downs). But I love that you can see her processing. That I can look at her and tell her "no" and she stops. I love that she'll point on cell phones and electrical outlets and say "na-na."

Now back to what I love...

I love that she is girly. As soon as I pull her out of her high chair in the morning she grabs her purse, puts on her necklace and bracelets. She also loves when I put on my makeup and giggles so hard when I brush her face with blush. And when I put her shoes on it is the only time she sits still and points at them and says, "shhho-shhhho."

I love that she isn't overly girl... that she would rather be outdoors regardless of the temperature it is outside. No joke, she could spend the entire day outside. If she is ever having a fussy day we go outside and she is immediately calm.

I love that she loves to read. She grabs books and backs into my lap all day. She loves to turn the pages and kiss the people and animals. She has finally started pointing at things (randomly, not specific yet). We never make it past half way to through a book because she's up grabbing the next one.

I love that she loves music. We don't watch TV really, but I've been sick on and off the past few weeks, so we've had movies on a lot. And she is pretty oblivious to what's on... until music starts. Then she will run to where the TV is stand in front of it and clap, bounce and do her big happy face. And she learned how to twirl this week!! We love playing Pandora (rotate between my favs and Toddler Radio). We will have dance parties all day long.

I love that what she can understand now. When we say, "Karis, are you ready to go night night?" She goes to her room... "Karis, you want to eat?" She goes to her high chair... "Karis, you want to take a bath?" She goes to her bathroom... She understands simple commands and what things are now. It's just crazy.

I love how she loves animals. She loves dogs ("doh-doh-doh"). She has no fear regardless of their size. She runs right up to them and kisses them on the lips. And we got a fish (we named it Fish, clever, huh?). When she sees it she points at it and says, "fssshhh-fsshhhh" and leans on the table and gives the fish a kiss on the bowl.

I love how she shows affection. When she kisses it's a full on fish lips pucker. And just recently she started clicking her tongue to make the kiss noise. And when she hugs she lays her head flat on your chest and says, "awwwww."

I love that she is adventurous and persistent. This girl doesn't seem to be afraid of much. And she isn't afraid of falling over. She looks like a drunken sailor because she is constantly running into things and falling over. But it doesn't faze her. She loves climbing. She loves flipping upside down. And she loves trying something again and again till she gets it right.

I love that she loves organizing. The only activity I see her show much focus at is organizing / sorting. She loves to take things out of a container and put them in another and then back again. She usually goes one piece at a time and has a very specific method in her head for how she does it.

I love that she loves men... especially her Daddy. It cracks me up that she favors men. I swear I'm not exaggerating when I say this, she loves men! Every where we go she will find a man and flirt with him. It usually starts with a bigger than usual smile aimed right at her target. Then some shy smiles with sparkling eyes. Then some peek-a-boo time. But none of those random men come close to her Daddy. She is a Daddy's girl.

And most of all...

I love the joy she brings others. This has been my prayer for her since before she was born that she would bring others joy. I love the laughter she brings me all day long. I love the smiles she brings strangers when she waves at them and flashes her sparkly eyes their way. She brings joy to so many. She has this smile that makes you want to squeal. And she has two laughs. One that is more of a breathy chuckle that she does all day. She cracks herself up! And the other is a deep gut rolling laugh that she saves for things that really get her tickled. There is no sweeter sound.

I'll stop there. :)

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