Thankful no.10 "Me too!"

Yesterday I taught in a women's class my church and before we went into a discussion question, I encouraged the ladies to vocalize their "me too."

What I mean by that is that we all need to share our life-- the joys and the struggles. Because when we do that others can feel and say, "me too." It is good for us to learn that we aren't alone in our struggles. It is good for us to share so others who have been there can guide us. It is good to share our joys so those who are struggling can hear the hope.

When we say "me too" we are able to build genuine community. That's when we get real. That's when we finally stop acting like we have it together.

Yes, there are certain stories, the really personal ones, that need to just be shared with some. I'm not saying start blogging and Facebooking and Tweeting all your personal stuff. Maybe for somethings you should. But maybe for some you just need to share with some of your good friends. Or maybe you share with some that aren't in that circle, because it will grow your relationship with you are vulnerable.

Being vulnerable is scary. But when we are vulnerable we become mo

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