Thankful no.11 Sunday Morning Dance Parties

Since I can remember in our marriage Chris and I have had a dance party going on nearly every Sunday morning as we are getting ready for church.

I know maybe the "good Christian" thing to do would be to wake up early and read some passages from the King James Bible, have only Praise & Worship music playing, take family communion and pray for 3 hours.

But Chris and I don't really believe in being "good Christians."

Instead we wake up on Sundays so looking forward to a fresh dose of community at our church. We look forward to some good, honest, introspective, heart changing teaching. We look forward to getting to sing songs to and about God with others who want their lives to mean something for Jesus.

And because of that we dance.

Now you should know that neither Chris or I are dancers. Which makes it even more fun because we are laughing so hysterically the whole time. No one has ever seen this. No one ever will. There is a laugh that we both have when laughing at ourselves and each other that hard. It is one of my favorite family traditions we have. I can't wait for Karis to join in!

What about you, do you have secret dance parties?

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