Thankful no.12 Great & Nanny

I had the honor of knowing four of my great grandmothers. And I had the honor of living close enough to be close to two of them: Great (my dad's dad's mom) and Nanny (my mom's dad's mom).

They were both so special to me.

Great, I've written about here before.

And Nanny...

*sorry for the really bad quality... took a picture of a picture on my iPhone.

Nanny is who Karis and I both get our middle names Jannette from. Jannette means, "God is gracious."

Sometimes we think God is gracious when life is easy or "good." But God has given us Jannettes (my great grandmother, my mom, myself and, I feel certain, Karis too), a life of struggle to display His grace.

He was gracious in that He gave us each other, the four of us teach one another across generational differences. With each generation the struggle seems less. We learn from each other. We extend a hand of love down to the next generation to pull one another through.

He was gracious in giving me a woman who defined strength. For Karis' first birthday my mom has put together an entire document telling the story of this woman. A woman who met every trial you could imagine and persevered.

Karis and I come from a long legacy of women who took unlikely odds, and not just survived it but made something out of it.

Great and Nanny were both fighters. Even into the length of their lives-- Nanny lived to be over 100 and Great well into her 90s.

My family line may not look story book, but it is a family line I am proud of. A family line I am thankful to have. A true legacy.

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