Thankful no.13 Big Talk

Just typing those words "Big Talk" in the title made me smile and laugh a little.

This is what my Papaw (Dad's dad) calls family discussion. We are guaranteed to have at least one Big Talk session every time we are with my Papaw. The truth is, since I was a little girl this was one of my favorite parts of our trips together.

We gather around the table. Papaw always at the head either with a cup of coffee or a "papaw drink" in hand. Mamaw will sit to his left or busy herself with dinner or dishes (she's always listening and will speak her mind too when she doesn't agree). And then the rest of us squeeze around the table. We are certain to have a bowl of ice cream in front of us (my Mamaw and Papaw fulfill their grand parent duty of having at least 10 flavors in the freezer). And you can find us there for hours. We talk. We laugh. We discuss strongly. Then when conversation gets too strong someone is bound to start telling jokes to break the ice. Then we get going again.

But, whether Papaw or Mamaw know it or not, we are all taking notes. I've taken notes on what their advice has been. I've taken notes of how they makes our family their top priority-- they deeply care about our lives. I've taken notes when they speak of being proud of us (neither are  the kind to flatter you just for flattery sake, so if they say they are proud of you, they mean it). And I've taken notes that, for the majority of our conversations, they have been right. I heard a speaker this past week say, once you reach a certain age you can speak with authority because you know what you are talking about.

My Papaw doesn't hold back his opinion (that must be where I get it from). He always has a solution to any problem (another trait I picked up). And he doesn't mess around with fluffy conversation, just gets straight to business. Maybe you can see why I've been nick named after him. I nick named him Boss-Boss as a little girl because he was the boss at his work and the boss of our family. In turned I got nick named Boss Boss Jr. I'll let you guess why. ;)

I love that the holidays are just around the corner because I know that some Big Talk is coming right along with it. 

Do you have a Papaw in your family? What's your favorite thing you do as a family to talk?

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