Thankful no.14 A Mother-in-Law I truly love

I've heard stories from friends and acquaintances about how bad it can be. And I mean this in all honesty, I totally hit the jack pot when it comes to Mother-in-Laws. When she comes in town I get so excited. And when we go to their place there is not dread, it really feels like a vacation.

A few of the things I'm thankful for about her...

She is up, and up early, every morning. Not just most mornings. Every morning. She has her coffee and her Precepts Bible study open. She still gets giddy over new things she discovers in the Bible. She doesn't spend time with God because she should. It's not a check list to her. It brings her much delight!

Her heart is tender for her family. I have seen tears stream down her face as she speaks over the prayers she has lifted for each of us in her family. She wants each of us to love God and follow Him. She hurts for our hurts and our struggles. She defines compassion.

She always has room for dessert. Y'all she is just the skinniest person you have ever seen, but I love that she can hardly ever say no to the dessert tray.

She and her hubby are the most generous people I've ever known. There are no guilt trips associated with their gifts. There are no strings associated with their generosity. When they pray at meals they say, "Lord thank you for what is before us, it's yours to begin with. Thanks for sharing it with us." They don't see what they have is theirs, so they want to give things away.

Another thing I love about her and Larry, I love how often they laugh with each other and at each other.  Most of my memories with them involve lots of laughter. They don't take life too seriously.

She has never been handicap by her past. She didn't know a life of luxury growing up. She had a family she loved and that was enough. And in her adulthood her story wasn't as she dreamed. But you know what? She persevered. She worked hard and fought hard and loved hard. And I would guess she would be pretty happy with how things turned out so far.

Her boys adore her. That says a lot when your kids feel that way. Jason and Chris both call her an angel. There is a tenderness both of them show her. A respect that is deeply rooted.

She lets me be me. She has never tried to step into my place. She doesn't offer advice unless asked. She lets me be the wife to Chris and the Mom to Karis that I was created to be. She doesn't try to step into my role (which makes me want to invite her in to our lives).

And you know what is a total bonus? She loves me too! And she was so excited to have not just another girl join her family of all boys, but to have me join her family. She speaks belief over me. She speaks her admiration over me. She speaks so much encouragement over me. She speaks so many prayers and scriptures over me. She loves me in every language.

What about you? What's your favorite thing about your Mother-in-Law? OR what is one thing you'd really like to have in a Mother-In-Law one day?

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