Thankful no.15 Being a Tea-Aholic

My name is Becky Kiser and I am addicted to tea.

No really I have a problem. I could drink an entire pitcher of ice tea a day. No joke. Some days I have two.

I justify it by saying that it is just water with herbs, so really I am getting more than my 8 cups of water a day plus some nutrients! (Erin DuBroc, please don't tell me my nutritional thoughts on this is off.) 

One way Chris really loves me is when we go out to eat and he orders me tea. Me loving tea so much has been a hard thing on our marriage and eating out. Chris just does not see the need to pay someone $3 for a glass of flavored water. During our first year of marriage I gave him the gift of not ordering tea. So ever since then any time he orders it for me, it warms my heart to him because I know he sees it is being so ridiculous. The problem is now I want to show him that it's not a waste of money and end up drinking like 6 glasses at a meal. 

What's your favorite thing to drink?Do you think you have a problem too?

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