Thankful no.16 Cash Envelope System

No this isn't Chris doing a guest post. This is in fact Becky Kiser typing words like "thankful" and "cash system" in the same sentence.

I know it took me a while to get over the shock too.

Chris and I have been trying for the past four years to find a system that works for both of us. Fun times I tell you. Fun times. (If you didn't, go back and read those last two sentences very sarcastically.)

Something you should know about us when we met:
-Chris: Not just ridiculously good with money, but ridiculously meticulous with money. He never did the whole Dave Ramsey thing, he just was Dave Ramsey. He didn't just put his money into Quicken, he would put in every detail from the receipt including the place's phone and address just in case. He loved being organized and planned out with his money.
-Me: Well let's just say that I was making near minimum wage when you worked it all out, at my job at the church (which is fine because I loved my job). I had just started to really get a good handle on managing my finances when we met. My philosophy before that, and I wish I was joking, was literally swipe the debit card till the place told me it wouldn't work.

So those are the two backgrounds we were coming from. We couldn't have been more extreme with our money management and history.

So finally after nearly 4 years of trying every which way, we finally decided to try cash.

And guess what? I really and truly love it. I wish I would've started this when I was 16.

We don't ever go over our budget and often have plenty left over to put towards savings or something fun (guilt free). We hardly fight over money now too because you can only spend what's there and what you've already agreed to spend. Chris is way less stressed and consumed with managing things. And I feel like I get to have some control over things too.

How do you manage your money? Is it working for you? Have you ever tried going all cash?

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