Thankful no.17 The Blue Blazer

My brother used to take me to and from school every day. Nils is two years older than me and someone I've always looked up to more than he will ever know.

You've heard me talk about him here and here and here... So I won't go on about him today.

But I talk about those times in the Blue Blazer.

I remember how we would make up motions to songs... although he'd deny it now. Don't judge, you've done it too.

The first memory is the breakfast. Some how my brother, always the entrepreneur, had convinced me that it was my duty to buy him breakfast since he was so generous to take me to school. Truthfully I didn't care and it didn't take much persuading. When McDonalds had their Monopoly game going on we were faithful to play. When Denny's had there $1.99 special, we took part. We loved going to breakfast. And I loved getting that time with my bro.

I remember how we would fake fight to freak out the people behind us on the HOV lane. That was probably pushing the lines.

I remember how when his horn broke he got one of those horns that make 75 noises. So we had a blast making people think a cow or chicken was behind them at the bus stop.

I remember the time Nils didn't know I still had the door open and backed out of his spot and the door caught on the car next to us and actually fell off. Oops.

But the thing I remember most is the time he took to talk to me. His senior year and my sophomore year our lifestyles couldn't have been more different. He had become a Christian that summer and I was not exactly living that same lifestyle. There was never a hint of judgement. Nils just shared his life with me. He talked about his new way of friendships. The things he was finding fun now. The peace he was feeling. He shared it all. Not in a way to trick me into believing or make me feel less than for not believing. He cared enough about me to not force me into Christianity but just to be Jesus to me. And the week before he left for college, all those hours logged in the Blue Blazer paid off... I finally chose to follow Jesus.

I loved that Blue Blazer and am so thankful for that time we shared.

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