Thankful no.20 Red Velvet Seats

Red, squeaky velvet seats. They are my ebenezer, the symbolism of God's great help to me.

I can remember the first time I sat in them. I hardly even noticed them. I had no clue what would happen in the decade and a half to come.

But I can remember a few years later I would say words that would forever change my life sitting on that squeaky red velvet chair. I had gone to Metro Bible Study that night only to spend time with my brother. However, the speaker held my attention because he was so funny. But it was at the end of that night that my life would start to change. He lead a prayer for those that wanted to become Christians right then. No thank you is what I thought. Then he said something along the lines of, "If you aren't a Christian and not sure if you want to be..." ("Yes that's me," I thought)... "then pray, 'Lord make me willing to be willing to give you my life, because right now I'm not." So I prayed. What could it hurt.

A couple more years later, I had believe that Jesus was who He said He was. And I found myself back in those chairs furiously taking notes for every teacher that cross the stage. I remember falling on my knees in front of them often during worship so in awe of how God could change a life. Not just any life but mine. I sat next to friends who weren't just looking for a good time, but were looking to do good with their lives.

A few years later, out of college and in a job that many would be envious of, I sat again in those chairs. While it was my dream job, I knew there had to be more, something different for me. I felt an urge to go back into ministry. I took my last vacation days and spent every afternoon in that sanctuary for hours praying that the Lord would give me an answer before the week was up. He not only gave me the answer to leave my job but He had given me a job (that I hadn't even applied for) at that church.

For the next year nearly every morning I'd walk into that sanctuary before going to my desk. I sit and look around. Taking in the sanctity of that place. I'd journal. I'd read my Bible. I'd listen. And He spoke.

Just a year later I sat next to the man that I would one day marry. I had no clue all those times of worshiping next to him that our lives would one day become one. My life changed again in those seats.

And when they announced that they'd be renovating the worship center at Houston's First I was so heartbroken. So many of my milestone moments were soaked into those seats. They held a place of security for me. A place I could always come back to for clarity. I remember the day before they were to be pulled up sneaking back into that place I'd come so many times before. And sitting there. I wept over what God had done in my life in those chairs.

Do you have that place? A place you go when life changes. A place that brings you clarity. A place where you hear God speaking a little clearer than usual.

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