Thankful no.23 Rainy Days

This past year we haven't had many of them, but oh I just (literally) soak it all in when we do.

Things I love to do when it rains:

*Run and play. As a kid we did this nearly every time it rained. I can remember throwing my shoes off and running up and down the sidewalk. I still love it. I took Karis out and did this for the first time the other day. First of many.
*Stare out the window and day dream. I love getting lost in the drop... drop... drop...
*Drive. I know most don't love it, but oh it is so soothing to hear the water pounding on the rooftop. Best nap I've ever had was on a cold winter day, I turned my heater on and let the rain soothe me away. Not the safest thing to do in your car in random parking lot. But it all worked out.
*Read a book. I feel like that is a given.
*Watch movies. See Thankful no.22.

What about you... what's your favorite weather? Or what is your favorite thing to do when it rains?

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