Thankful no.26 Video Monitors

Right now I am watching Karis on our monitor talking to herself and cracking herself up. Right now she finds hitting things hilarious. I'm trying to break it but it really is funny. She loves hitting herself on the top of her head (horrible I know). Thankfully it is just playful hitting (more like patting), but we are trying to break it before she starts hitting other things than herself and tables. 

When I was pregnant Chris and I agreed we'd splurge on a video monitor. And we have not regretted that investment one bit!

When she was itty bitty it was so helpful to let us see that she was in fact still breathing and moving. Something you fear about 100 times a day as a new parent.

When she was crying it out and getting into her sleep cycle, it was so helpful to see that she really was fine and just needed to go back to sleep. 

When she woke up in the middle of the night crying one time with a stomach bug it allowed us to see that there really was something wrong and we got to rush in there immediately instead of see if she'd cry herself back to sleep.

And now that she is so full of personality it is just a total blast to see what she does in there before we go get her up.

Nearly every night before we go to bed Chris and I turn on the monitor and just stare at her and say to one another how much we love her. We could just burst.

So I'm thankful for the video monitor. They may cost a whole lot more than just a sound monitor, but it was worth every single penny. 

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