Thankful no.27 Karis' Teachers at Church

This one is a biggie. To be able to trust your child with another person who isn't family or one of your best friends.

I have been so very overwhelmed with gratitude by all of Karis' teachers at our church. Both on Sunday mornings and when she has been there either when I was in Bible study or during Mother's Day Out.

So many different seasons they've walked through with us...

I remember being that apprehensive new mom. Leaving a thousand steps of instructions and 12 numbers just in case. Only half exagerating.

I remember the days of dropping off a screaming, totally afraid of strangers baby. Those were actually more torturous for Chris than for Karis.

But now we've finally gotten to the point where when we walk up to the door she actually lunges forward and reaches out for her sweet teachers.

I love how they tell me how easy my baby is to love. How they tell me fun stories of what she did when I pick her up. I love how when they see her in the halls when they aren't working they still stop and talk to her. I love that they seem to really enjoy just about every moment with my baby girl.

I love how they teach her (and me) new things. I didn't even know she could color until they handed me her art project. Or go down a slide. And I love that when she fell down the slide they went down again and again with her in their laps so she wouldn't be afraid.

Anyway, I'm pretty thankful for teachers we can trust and love and that love us.

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