Thankful no.7 My Accountability Girls

We couldn't be more different, yet it works. Beautifully I might add.

We started as a group of 3 and there was a certain gap. We even did the Myers-Briggs training and Steve told us, you really need someone with this personality to be your balance and overlap you 3. And there was one girl who had almost joined our group, but didn't. The next week she called and asked if there was still space. I told her, that her application was to take the Myers-Briggs. I was joking, but interested. And wouldn't you know, she was the specific personality that had been missing. We are now complete.

Some make fun of accountability.
Some love it.
Some it gives them flash backs to high school youth group days of singing "friends are friends forever...".
Some it makes them scared of the change it might bring.
Some feel like it might be a waste of time.
Some feel like it is just a big gossip or self help fest. 

And the truth is, for some it might be.

But I've experienced something quite different. I've experienced change.

Because I know they are going to ask.
I know they are going to challenge.
I know they are going to pray.
I know they are going to encourage.

We are intentional to not waste each others time. 

It never fails that each week I walk away having seen my life from a different perspective.
And it never fails that I see God from a different perspective.

I am different because of these 3: Annalee, Jen and Kelley.

And can I say I have never laughed so hard. The things that we say. The things we do. There's no pretension or walls or should's in our group. We come as we really are unapologetically but yearning to be better, more like Jesus. 

P.S. Happy Birthday Kelley! I can honestly say you are one of the most intentional friends I've ever known. The way you mean what you say. The way you truly care for others. The way you wait for an answer to, "So, how are you?" The way you don't let me defer the question back. And you just make me giddy every time I get to hang with you. You are a forever friend. I am quite certain of this.

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