Thankful no.8 Popsicle Sticks & Popcorn Bags

For some reason when I am not at home for a meal Chris forgets every cooking skill he has ever acquired. So I usually come home to a coffee table full of popsicle sticks and popcorn bags... and, if we had them in our house, fruit snack wrappers.

I always ask him, "Honey, why? There is ____ in the fridge to heat up."

He never has an answer. He is always just as baffled by it.

When we were dating I used to be so impressed by his fridge because he wasn't the typical bachelor. He grilled up chicken and made veggies often for himself. But now, that he has me as his personal chef, he has forgotten totally how to take care of himself.

It cracks me up. And if I'm honest, it makes me feel a little good.

But y'all, I leave for Nashville this week and will be gone for 4 days. And him and Karis just can't survive on popsicles and popcorn. So will you check in on him every so often for me? You can find him here on Facebook and here on Twitter.

Thanks friends!

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