Thanksful no.3 Good Sales

I've been looking for the perfect pair of boots for 2 years. I wanted a black pair with a heel and a brown pair that was flat. I've search high and low for these boots. The problem was I had an idea of exactly what I wanted in my mind, yet couldn't find it. Well I might have found it a few times, but I (really our Dave Ramsey budget) had a specific dollar amount I was willing to spend.

Well guess what?

Today while Karis was at Mother's Day Out I had some extra time and decided to swing by a few stores to see what they had. First store (DSW): strike one. Second Store (Dillard's): Strike Two.

And then I looked at my watch and realized I had just enough time to swing by Nordstrom. HOME RUN! Y'all I walked in and they are having their twice annual sale! After doing a quick look over in their juniors department (such a steal of a deal spot), I zoomed down to the shoe department. I grabbed every pair of boots that looked like me.

And these are the two I couldn't walk away from.

Meet the black pair:

 Meet the brown pair:

And I even had a few minutes to stop by the coat department. I've literally worn the same coat since December 2000. I just realized today it had been that long. But since I only wear it 3 times a year it still looks brand new. But it was time to get another one.

So that is why I am thankful for good sales. In one day I was able to get the 3 major winter items I've been saving up for a long time to find. Sigh.

When was the last time you came across a good sale that just made your heart and budget happy? OK maybe just your heart happy. 

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