They watch our every move

My daughter, Karis, just turned two and I love this age. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I think I might literally lose my mind. Just a couple of weeks ago I emailed a few girlfriends and had them seriously praying for a changed toddler and mama. Thankfully both happened (that day). But like I said before even as challenging as this season can be some days, I adore it.
The thing I adore most is watching her from a distance imitate what she has seen others do…
She kisses her babies one thousand times a day.
She tell her babies, “Say hi to your friend… hi friend!”
She reads books again and again and stops to “count” items on each page.
She sings loud and dances without reserve.
She laughs deeply when others laugh and is often the cause for giggles.
She often cries when other cry and will give sweet cuddles when seeing someone sad.
And recently my husband cracked up when this moment happened:  
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