This Month...

our daughter will be born!!!! I can hardly believe it. For weeks now I have said over and over again, "Next month I get to say, 'This month she comes!'"

I have the What to Expect app on my phone and this is the screen that shows today:

I have pulled it up more times that I can count today.
I can't believe it.
Is it possible that the countdown begins with "1 week?!"
Yes. Yes it is.

I have been squealing all weekend, both in my head and out loud. I am so excited to meet our baby girl. The thought of her coming so soon is unbearably intoxicating! :)

Our family can hardly stand it too. Aunt Katie and Uncle Nils have been on standby and in contact multiple times a day (they never let the phone go to voice mail, ever). My mom and step dad have had their bags packed since Monday (yes as soon as they returned home from San Antonio) and my mom calls about every 4 hours (if she can hold off that long). Chris' mom packed their bags this week too and has been waiting for the call. The great Aunts have been posting on each other's Facebook pages non-stop too. And countless friends have been waiting and texting a lot as well.

As you can see this little girl is MUCH ANTICIPATED.

Here are some pics that Chris took today in our front yard. We wanted to get some good belly pics because you never when she could come...

And this has been my view for so long now. I wanted Chris to capture what I find myself enamored by throughout the day.

And this is Chris' favorite view, his girls.

In the next few days, I plan on sharing some REALLY fun news that happened to me this past weekend (not baby related)! You will never be able to guess, but my Saturday was made perfect by this event.