Three Questions: Intro

I am so excited to introduce you all to a new series I'll be hosting on my blog: Three Questions!

I will be asking Three Questions to people who I think have lived a significantly remarkable life (some of the names you will know and others will be the first you've heard them). We have so much to learn from others and I can't wait for you to learn from these women and men-- they have each made a huge impact on me! 

So you have an idea of what this will be like, I will be asking them all the same Three Questions: 

1. What is some of the best advice you've ever received or would give?

2. How do you best connect with God? 

3. What is a favorite thing of yours right now? 


I also thought that if I'm going to put them in the hot seat, I should go first. So here we go, my friends, our very first installment of Three Questions--

1. What is some of the best advice you've ever received or would give?

This is such a loaded question and I could have about 1 billion answers. So I’ll go with the most recent. “Becky, if you could do ONE thing in 20 years would you want it to be A or B?”

I met with a coach recently and she asked me to put two big dreams of mine head to head. I had never done that. I embrace all dreams and all pursuits, unless I feel like the Lord says “no go.” I live constantly in the here and now, that sometimes I forget that every here and no becomes 20 years from now. So when I had to answer I surprised myself with that answer. It has been wildly helpful in every next step I take each day with my family, our church, our community, my personal writing and ministry, and Sacred Holidays. 


2. How do you best connect with God?  

(Another HUGE questions. My future interviewees won’t have it easy. #sorrynotsorry)

Clearly I believe there are many ways to connect with God. For me, I have two favorites:

Early mornings before anyone is up (even though I’m totally a night owl, so before kids, this all took place at night after roommates were in bed). I have hot coffee, open journal and His Word. I start first with journaling and praying. I pause and reflect. I try to listen. Sip more coffee so I don’t fall asleep. About this time I open the curtains so I can see the morning sun start to spread across the sky and break through the trees in our front yard. I love doing Bible studies from time to time, but often I just like to read through the Bible at whatever pace happens naturally—typically I’m in a book of the Bible or several books (currently reading the prophets in chronological order). I interact with His Word by underlining and circling and making notes in the columns. I journal about parts that are particularly impactful. Then usually pit patters and request for breakfast interrupt this time.

My other favorite is anything in nature—toes in the sand, mountain air, buzz of a busy city street. I love it all. I struggle with faith but when I see all He has created, I am in awe. It is good for my soul to get out and be around what He has created. 


3. What is a favorite thing of yours right now?

The Olympics. We are slightly obsessed. We are also ridiculously tired! Anyone else? I feel like a college student except for I don’t get a second wave and am also totally done the next day. I love it so much though and we keep saying that it only happens once every four years, so we need to live it up. My favorites to watch are swimming and gymnastics. However, you could talk me into watching pretty much anything. 

Close second: meeting the neighbors. I do mean close, because it could be first. We have lived on our street for a little over a year and we have met all our neighbors but not really started to connect. Well this past couple of weeks that has all changed. When Chandler turned one and started walking, I felt like a whole new world has opened up to me. I've also gotten better about prioritizing our time, so had more time to actually have people over and not just wave from the driveway. This has been super fun to make great friends on our same street! 

Would you like to have me ask someone these questions? No one is too big or too small for me. Submit their information here:

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