Tip: Washing Hands

I've been hearing everyone talking about washing your hands... especially with the swine flu going around (BTW: Chris' little bro, Colton, has swine flu-- please pray for him).

You know how they tell you to sing Happy Birthday twice and that's how you know that you've washed your hands long enough? Well I tried it yesterday. I looked at myself in the mirror while singing in my head and just laughed at myself. I felt ridiculous.

Well last week I felt so convicted about not making scripture memorizing a priority in my life.

So I decided instead of singing a ridiculous song to myself, I'd just recite (out loud at home & in my head in public) my verse! Since I've started drinking an insane amount of water (by insane I mean the recommended amount by my nutritionist), I am quoting it a ton and it really is sticking!

Thought I'd share a tip since most of us struggle with scripture memory.

Comment: I'd love to hear what verses you are memorizing or meditating on... or are choosing this very minute to meditate on now. Please share! Mine will be in the comments.