Tithing Via Crown Royal

I'm a purse girl. Always have been.

Since I was 4 or 5, where ever I went I had a purse in hand. My mom's friends used to laugh all the time because she would constantly have to retrace our steps to see where I had misplaced it.

Well, when it came to bringing my tithe to church as a little girl (probably around the age of 6ish), I didn't just want to bring it in the tithe envelope.

No, a tithe needed to be brought in a much more special way.

So I thought I'd combine my two favorite things: Purple and Purses.

And I found just the thing at home-- a purple velvet purse!

My poor Dad didn't realize what I was carrying in to church until we had already walked in the doors. He didn't have the heart to tell me that I was carrying a liquor case into church. How do you explain that to a child in the church lobby? :)

Purpose of this story: Hopefully to give you a good laugh. And also encourage all of us that it doesn't matter how we bring things (regardless what it is) to the Lord, just that we do so with a genuine heart of offering to Him.