To Moriah With Love, Daddy

I wrote this to Moriah at 4:30 pm on December 27th.  Little did we know, we were about 8 1/2 hours away from her arrival but the Lord was preparing my heart to be her Daddy.


We're probably just a few hours from you making your entrance into the world.  You're slowly getting into position, about to take part in one of the greatest gifts you'll receive but never remember.  You're about to be given the gift of life.
When you come into our family, there are a few things you should know.  You should know that we love you completely and fully as you are today.  You won't be able to do anything on your own… you won't be able to feed yourself, clean yourself, go to the bathroom by yourself or control your emotions.  You won't be able to earn an income, hug or kiss us back or provide anything of value to us other than yourself.  Remember this.  We will never expect more of you than for you to be yourself.  That's enough for us and that's enough for your Creator.  He loves you just as you are and isn't waiting for the perfect version of you to come along until He starts loving you.  This world may try to tell you otherwise but don't believe them.
In our home, you'll learn about Jesus.  You'll learn how He came to Earth as God's son, as a helpless baby just like yourself, and lived a life worthy of worship and emulation.  He experienced things that you will experience… rejection, love, joy, pain and temptation.  He did this so we can relate to Him and worship Him with reverence and awe.  He taught the Word of God with authority and was the very image of God himself.  He was obedient to the point of death on a cross.  He was accused of sins He never committed and hung on a cross, the most cruel form of punishment imaginable, to fulfill prophecies about him that were spoken hundreds of years in advance.  Three days after His death He rose from the grave and appeared to more than 500 people.  He ascended to heaven shortly after to prove His power over Satan's greatest weapon - sin and death.  If you accept Him as your Lord and Savior, you'll spend eternity with Him in heaven.  We worship Him with our words, our lives, our money and our time.  We look forward to the day where you'll have a relationship with Him as well and love Him as we do.  We'll pray nearly every night for this relationship to happen and for God to rescue your heart from death.
Karis.  She's your big sister, almost 2 and a half years older than you.  We three have grown up together.  Your Mom and I have made plenty of parenting mistakes with her but have also celebrated too many firsts to count with her as well.  We have poured our lives into raising her, correcting her and more than anything loving her as much as we possibly can.  We've already introduced her to you by letting her tear off a paper chain link every night to get ready for your arrival.  She's played with a few of your toys (hope you don't mind) and has excitedly been talking about pacifiers lately.  She'll be a very caring, extremely loving big sister.  Don't get overwhelmed if she smothers you every once in a while.  She's pretty independent so if she wants to play alone sometimes that's ok… don't take it personal.  You'll have the rest of your lives to learn each other's personalities and quirks.  In our opinion, you couldn't have a better big sister to look up to and share life with!
God has allowed us to work our budget where Mom gets to stay home with you.  It's a big sacrifice for us, but is something we feel called to.  This means two things: you'll see all sides of Mommy during your life and you'll likely see most of my best sides (at least at the beginning).  Mommy will be around more and will take care of a lot of your immediate needs.  I won't be around as much during the week, but when I come be ready to jump and play.  I'll gladly get on the floor with you two and spend whatever energy I have left playing with you.  I look forward to it all throughout my day, so be ready!  If you become a Daddy's girl like your sister, trust me I won't complain.  My job is to love you, care for you, provide for you and be physically present with you.  I take my job seriously and will do my best to fulfill this role.
Another part of my job is to love your Mommy like Jesus loved on the church.  He loved them unconditionally, passionately and without hesitation.  This will mean I'll take her out on a date every now and then.  Don't worry, you'll have family or friends watching you that we trust and who love you.  But know that this time for us is important.  One day you'll understand this, but I'll love you more by loving your Mommy like this.
Welcome to our family baby girl.  I can't wait to see your face, to cuddle you and stare at you all night long.  Be a learner while you live.  You'll never regret the hard lessons that God will teach you.  Your great grandpa (Paw Paw) would tell you “Don't be afraid to fail”.  Live like you believe this. Don't let faith in Jesus be something you only read about and study.  Make it something you experience.  Belief becomes real when you take steps of faith.  We're so thankful to Jesus for giving us this opportunity to be your parents.  I love you so much!  We'll be here today and for every day that Jesus allows us on this Earth.  Come soon baby girl.