To my wife..

In 3 years of marriage, I have learned more than I had ever hoped from my wife.

I've learned how to not live my life in black and white (even though I probably fight her on this daily).
I've learned that the things I spend my free time on are truly the things I care about.
I've learned that our life goes on when we don't meet budget for a month (or 5).
I've learned that humility and honesty are two of the characteristics that drive our marriage forward the most (not compromise).
I've learned that Becky is more of a priority to me than I often communicate.
As most of you know that follow her blog, my wife is pretty incredible for multiple different reasons. She's sharp. Not book smart, but truly gifted in intelligence and discernment. She's one of the most honest, hard-working and genuine people I know. She has extreme conviction and isn't afraid to act on it, whether she needs to apologize for something or call somebody out on something. She's a gifted teacher for those of you that have heard her speak and can bring the Bible to a relevant place in someone's life. She's intentional with all of her time, down to saving the best part of the meal until the very end (she eats one thing at a time). She can strategize and plan faster than I can type. She challenges me to be closer to the Lord and at the same time closer to her. She's determined... when Karis was waking up at midnight and she couldn't figure out why, she read BabyWise, basically cover to cover, and finished right before she woke up at 4. Tonight she woke up for 20 minutes but put herself to sleep. She's teachable, but you can't teach her if she doesn't respect you. She has high standards and compassion off the charts.
I could go on, but I wanted to post something I made her while she was out of town the other day. She was gone for 3 days and I really missed her. REALLY missed her. So much so I wanted to show her instead of telling her.
Words will never be enough... know that I love you and truly value your role in my life. I love you more now than I did the day we got married. I'm praying that God will show me how to appreciate you more.
So I made this below... due to copyright laws, please click on the first 2 videos at the same time. When the first song is over, click on the second and continue watching the slideshow. Difficult, but my only option :) Enjoy!
*If Becky has touched your life in any way, feel free to leave comments :)