Top 2 Pregnancy Moments So Far

I guarantee that these will make you laugh... well they made us laugh really hard anyway.

Moment #1: Funny Bone Sobs

Last night I was laying on the couch and had told Karis to go grab a book and I'd read it to her. So she ran off to her room to pick one out. Seconds later a book comes flying over the back of the couch and hits me right on my funny bone.

Why in the world they call the funny bone funny, I have no idea.

I immediately grabbed my elbow and turned to Chris and said, "I think I'm going to cry."

Y'all for the next 20 minutes I couldn't stop the sobbing. I have absolutely NO idea what happened. I mean it hurt, but I have a really high pain tolerance and have never cried because of something like that.  Let's be honest, I never cry period, so why now?

I was laughing hysterically and sobbing even more hysterically at the same time and when I could saying, "I.... don't.... even... know.... why... I'm... crying... but... I... can't... stop."

Chris thought I'd gone insane. And poor Karis kept rubbing my elbow.

Moment #2: "Mo Water!!!!"

*Warning: If you are eating, you might want to skip this one because it involves morning sickness.

Just like my last pregnancy, I have been so very sick. Nauseous well past noon and often all day. And if it wasn't for the meds they put me on I'd puke (from here on out I'll say "getting sick") at least once a day. Now I'm just "getting sick" every 5 or so days.

But the problem is now that it is just every 5 or so days, I never know if the intense nausea will turn into "getting sick" or if I will just ride it out till afternoon relief.

When we were on vacation in Lubbock, I was having an especially nauseous morning. But I tried to eat a banana so I wasn't starving by the time church was done. Well some how the banana grabbed a strand of my hair on it's way into my mouth and it threw me over the edge.

Immediately it started coming up. I was full out running to the bathroom gagging the whole way with my hand over my mouth (like that would hold it in).

And then I heard the noise I've feared since the morning sickness started: Karis running after me yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" This was not something I wanted her to see, but there was nothing I could do to stop her. 

I made it to the bathroom and flew on my knees and "it" flew out of me.

But then Karis ran around me and to the base of the toilet so she could have a straight on view of my "getting sick." I was terrified this would traumatize her. Boy, was I wrong.

She started laughing SO hard. I mean gut, can hardly control yourself laughing. And then she kept yelling, "Mo water!!! Mo water!!" all while clapping her hands.

Yep, my little girl was so very impressed I could produce "water" from my mouth.

And then when I was done and kneeling before the toilet panting, my girl got so mad and demanded: "No Mommy! Mo water!! (pointing furiously at the toilet) Mo water!!!!!!"